English to Spanish legal translation. Legal / Sworn Spanish Translator

English-Spanish Legal Translation

I offer English-Spanish legal translation services to individuals, language service providers, law firms, notary's offices, Legal departments and businesses in a wide range of sectors.
I specialise in Private Law. The areas of the law I translate include Contracts, Trusts, Wills & Successions, and Company Law. With profound differences existing between the UK and the Spanish legal systems, translating legal documents from English into Spanish requires a thorough knowledge of the law in both countries and Spanish and legal languages. I focused on legal translation during my Bachelor's degree studies in Translation & Interpreting. Also, I have read law in the UK (Graduate Diploma in Law) and have acquired a thorough knowledge of the Spanish legal system through continuous professional development (see my qualifications here). Do you need a legal AND sworn translation? Check here.
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  • Contracts
  • Trust deeds and other trust-related instruments and documents / texts (incl. deeds of appointment, pension scheme trust deeds, debenture trust deeds, testamentary trust deeds, offshore trusts, breach of trust cases, etc.)
  • Company documents
  • Wills and grants of probate, death certificates, deeds of variation, disclaimers
  • Claim forms, particulars of claim, defences and counterschedules of loss
  • Insurance policies
  • Divorce decrees
  • Affidavits
  • Witness testimonies
  • Powers of attorney (incl. those to be executed before a Notary Public in Spain)