Translation for NGOs / international development

Are you in need of a native Spanish translator experienced in translating for NGOs and in international development, who is fast, who has studied about human rights and the law, who can provide quality and who can convey your goals in Spanish accurately?
Donors and supporters of a specific cause need to be informed clearly about NGOs' efforts. Communities need to be informed clearly about the factors (social, economic, environmental, etc.) impacting their lives.
According to a report titled The Listening Zones of NGOs, there is a lack of resources internally at NGOs who can provide this service because translation is considered an ‘afterthought’, language needs are usually under-funded and there is no a formal language policy in place.
I am a professional Spanish linguist with experience working for NGOs and international organisations on a volunteer and paid basis. I have legal knowledge gained through law school (Graduate Diploma in English Law, BPP Law School, London, 2016) and continuous professional development.
I can help your NGO secure grants, donations, government funding and other support and mobilising the necessary resources for implementing environmental and humanitarian aid initiatives efficiently and empowering disadvantaged populations and communities by making them aware of the issues affecting their lives.
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