Digitally-signed sworn translations for Spanish visa applications

Did you know that you can submit digitally-signed sworn translations for your Spanish visa application?

Whereas the specific regulation relating to sworn translations currently in force in Spain does not expressly provide for the submission of sworn English-Spanish translations in digital format, the Languages Interpretation Office (‘Oficina de Interpretación de Lenguas’) of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently issued a communication stating that it is admissible to submit documents electronically to Spanish authorities if these are signed electronically by using one of the methods set out in the relevant legislation on signature systems admitted by public administrations.

However, this announcement only confirms that digitally-signed sworn translations are ‘admissible’, but it is not compulsory for recipients to accept them. This means that some Spanish authorities and institutions are still reluctant to accept digital copies of Sworn translations and prefer hard copies instead.

Digitally-signed sworn translations for visa applications

It has been recently confirmed by the Visas Department of the Spanish Consulate in London that digitally-signed sworn translations are being accepted for Visa applications.

A digital signature or certificate (certificado digital) certifies the translator’s identity and confirms that the sworn translation is legit.

Apart from preventing fraud and tampering, there are several other advantages to submitting sworn translations electronically. For example, saving postal fees and preventing loss and damage while in transit.

Also, statutory deadlines for submitting papers before the Spanish public administrations and other entities are sometimes tight and the client has little time for obtaining the document that needs translation and getting the documents apostilled, making a lengthy process even slower. Submitting the sworn translations electronically can save time.

If you need a sworn translation for your Spanish visa application, contact me here. I am Sworn English-Spanish translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.