Sworn English-Spanish translator in Las Palmas

As a Sworn English-Spanish translator in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, I am now also offering sworn translation services to Las Palmas based clients.

Whether you are British company seeking to set up a branch office in Spain, an expat from an English-speaking country seeking to settle down in Gran Canaria or a remote worker or digital nomad temporarily working from the island, you may be required to have your papers officially translated by a Sworn English-Spanish translator (Traductor Jurado de Inglés).

Below is a summary of the official / legal documents I can translate as a Sworn English-Spanish translator:

Sworn English-Spanish translator in Las Palmas
  • Academic documents (including university diplomas/certificates, transcripts of grades, diploma supplements, recommendation letters) in order to apply for admission to Spanish universities or other academic institutions or get your academic studies accredited or validated in order to practice in Spain.
  • Documents for getting married in Spain, including no-impediment letters or certificates, birth certificates, etc.
  • Documents for Spanish visa applications, including medical certificates, police or ACRO certificates, employment contracts, letters from employers, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.
  • Company documents for setting up a branch office or incorporating a subsidiary of a foreign company in Spain: powers of attorney, certificates of incorporation, articles of association, memoranda of association, certificates of good standing, certificates of incumbency, annual accounts, etc.
  • Documents for submitting a will in Spain: powers of attorney, death certificates, grants of probate, wills, disclaimers, trust deeds/instructions for trustees, letters of wishes, letters from solicitors, etc.
  • Other documents that may need to be translated into Spanish by a Sworn (or Certified) English-Spanish Translator include: ID documents (including passports, driving licenses / permits), insurance policies, British electorate roll certificates, deeds poll, contracts / agreements, firearm certificates, certificates of naturalisation as a British citizen, etc.
If you need your documents officially translated, I am a Sworn English-Spanish translator in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2003.
I have nearly 20 years of experience providing sworn translation services and I specialise in legal translation, having gained a Graduate Diploma in English Law in 2016. Contact me here.