Sworn Spanish translation for international brigadiers

This blog post explains the requirements for applying for Spanish nationality as a surviving, or descendant of an, international brigadier, as well as sworn Spanish translation for international brigadiers.

The situation regarding Spanish visas for British citizens has changed due to the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. Some specific categories of British citizens may be exempt from the visa requirement for long-term stays, such as those with family ties to Spanish nationals or EU citizens, certain students, or those coming to Spain for employment purposes.

Subject to certain conditions, surviving international brigadiers (including those coming from the United Kingdom) and their descendants can apply for Spanish nationality.

If successful in their applications, as Spanish (and EU) nationals international brigadiers who are granted Spanish nationality enjoy several benefits, including the right to work and residen in Spain, the right to study in Spain subject to the fee applied to EU nationals and access to the public healthcare system.

Sworn Spanish translation for international brigadiers. Sworn Spanish translator

Sworn Spanish translation for international brigadiers

What is an international brigadier?

The term “international brigadiers” refers to individuals who volunteered and fought alongside the Republican forces during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). These volunteers were mainly from other countries (including the UK) who came to Spain to support the Republican government in its fight against the Nationalist forces led by General Francisco Franco.

Applying for Spanish nationality as a former international bridagier or descendant of a former international brigadiers

Spain acknowledges the support of freedom and democratic values during the Spanish Civil War, granting Spanish nationality to international brigadiers and their descendants.

This entitlement is set forth in Spanish Royal Decree 39/1996 and Law 20/2022, on Democratic Memory. Section 21 of this Act abolishes the requirement to renounce to the brigadier’s or him/his descendant’s previous nationality.

As for surviving international brigadiers applying for Spanish nationality, they must provide some proof of participation as an international brigadier during the Spanish Civil War by submitting historical documents, testimonials, or other forms of evidence.

Descendants of international brigadiers who apply for Spanish nationality must prove that they continuously make efforts to keep alive the memory of their ascendants who fought against fascism. This applies, for example, to members of the International Brigade Memorial Trust.

Applicants must:

  • Fill in an application form
  • Submit proof of their international brigadier status as well as a legalised birth certificate (together with a sworn translation)
  • If married to a Spaniard, submit the spouse’s birth certificate.

The application can be submitted online, by post or in person. You can find more information (in Spanish) here.


Applying for Spanish nationality can offer several advantages, depending on your personal circumstances and goals. Here are some potential benefits:

  1. Freedom of Movement: As a Spanish citizen, you can enjoy the right to live, work, and study in any of the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) countries without the need for additional visas or permits.
  2. Access to Social Services: Spanish citizens have access to Spain’s comprehensive social services, including healthcare, education, and social welfare programs.
  3. Political Rights: Spanish citizens can participate in all national and local elections, allowing you to have a say in the country’s governance.
  4. Visa-Free Travel: With a Spanish passport, you can travel to numerous countries around the world without needing a visa or obtaining a visa on arrival, granting you greater travel flexibility.
  5. Dual Citizenship: Spain allows dual citizenship, meaning you can retain your original citizenship while also becoming a Spanish citizen. This can be beneficial for maintaining ties to your home country.
  6. Property Ownership: Being a Spanish citizen might make it easier to purchase and own property in Spain, which can be advantageous for those planning to reside in the country long-term.
  7. Family Reunification: If you have family members who are Spanish citizens, obtaining Spanish nationality might simplify the process of reuniting with them in Spain.
  8. Business Opportunities: Spanish citizenship can provide access to business opportunities within Spain and the broader EU market, potentially facilitating international trade and investments.
  9. Cultural Integration: Acquiring Spanish nationality can foster a stronger sense of belonging and cultural integration if you plan to reside in Spain permanently.
  10. Language and Education: Spanish citizens have access to Spanish education and language courses, which can aid in integration and communication.
  11. Retirement: Spain is a popular destination for retirees due to its pleasant climate, culture, and lifestyle. Acquiring Spanish nationality can make it easier to retire and live in Spain.
  12. Legal Protections: As a citizen, you are entitled to certain legal protections and rights provided by the Spanish constitution.

It’s important to note that the advantages of obtaining Spanish nationality can vary based on individual circumstances, such as your country of origin, residency history, and personal goals. Before applying for Spanish nationality, it’s recommended to research and consult legal professionals to ensure you understand the requirements, implications, and benefits specific to your situation.

Sworn Spanish translation for international brigadiers

Any documents to be submitted to Spanish authorities must be accompanied by an official / sworn Spanish translation made by a sworn Spanish translator. I am a sworn Spanish translator certified by the Government of Spain (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Contact me here if you need my sworn translation services.

Sworn Spanish translation for international brigadiers. Sworn Spanish translator.



Royal Decree 39/1996, https://www.boe.es/diario_boe/txt.php?id=BOE-A-1996-5091

Law 20/2022, on Democratic Memory, https://www.boe.es/buscar/act.php?id=BOE-A-2022-17099

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