Sworn Spanish translation of firearm certificates

With Brexit, it is now required to submit a sworn Spanish translation of firearms certificates from the United Kingdom.

This blog post explains when these certificates are necessary and the laws requiring their submission in Spain.

Sworn translation of firearm certificates into Spanish. Sworn Spanish translator.

Sworn Spanish translation of firearm certificates

Since January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom ceased to be a member state of the EU and became a third country, so that the British will no longer be able to apply for the European firearms card or use the one they already had, whether in Spain or in any other Member State.

Furthermore, those who wish to export firearms to an EU Member State can no longer benefit from the intra-community transfer regime, but rather rely on the general rules governing the import, transit and export regime of goods.

However, prior authorizations and consents for intra-community transfers of weapons, explosives, pyrotechnic articles and cartridges that have been issued in Spain will be valid until the expiration date of the period set in said prior authorizations or consents. Once these consents or authorizations have expired, a new one must be requested.

Hunting in Spain as a British national

These changes brought about by Brexit have been an obstacle for those British residents who wish to practice hunting temporarily in Spain, since Article 110 of the Spanish Firearms Regulation (Reglamento de Armas), which now applies to them because they are non-resident foreigners in a Member State of the Union European, requires them to obtain a special authorization.

Getting your firearms certificate ready for submission to Spanish authorities

In order to request the aforementioned authorization, the interested party must: submit, among other documents, a firearm certificate translated into Spanish by a sworn Spanish translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which must also be endorsed at a Consulate or another Spanish representation, although it is not necessary to apostille it.

 The firearm certificate is a document issued in the United Kingdom by the Metropolitan Police stating that an individual is permitted to possess and use certain firearms and firearms ammunition.

The English document should be sent to the Spanish Consulate in Birmingham or Liverpool, as applicable, together with an application form provided by the consulate and duly completed, in which the applicant declares that he has taken note and agrees with all information provided in the certificate, and a cover letter in which the applicant declares that he authorises the Spanish authorities to request additional information from the Metropolitan Police if necessary.

The above-mentioned translator will then issue a certificate of translation, which is an official document recognised by the Spanish authorities.

The certificate of translation will then be sent to the competent Spanish authority, in this case, the Civil Guard, along with a new firearms certificate completed in Spanish, and accompanied by the original English document.

This procedure will ensure that upon acceptance of your application by the Spanish authorities, they will have all necessary information on hand.

We would like to stress that these are official translations issued by the United Kingdom authorities, and that the above procedure has been specially authorised for firearms certificates, making the process much smoother.

I am a sworn Spanish translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Spanish Government. I have 20 years of experience in the sworn translation of official documents. If you require a sworn Spanish translation of your firearm certificate, contact me here.




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