Requesting a quote for a Spanish sworn translation

When requesting a quote for a Spanish sworn translation, the translator needs to get some information from you.

What follows is a list of details and factors you need to take into account when requesting a quote from a sworn translator.

Requesting a quote for a Sworn Spanish translation. Sworn & Legal English-Spanish translator.

When requesting a quote for a sworn translation, it helps to provide as much information as possible about your needs if you cannot provide a copy of the document at this point. This will speed up the process.

What type of delivery do you need and where should your translation be posted to?

Whether signed for, next-day guaranteed, national or international, it will help the translator estimate the extra costs incurred with your translation.

Will you need a digital copy?

A digitally-signed translation may prove convenient when your translation is urgent and the recipient will accept a digital copy.

Digital copies may carry an extra cost, depending on the volume, as hard copies do.


If you cannot provide the translator with a copy of the document yet, it will help to give them a ballpark figure as regards wordcount and number of pages.


Are there tables and other layout items? This extra work may carry an additional charge.

Request a quote for a Spanish sworn translation here.

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